belspo belspo
Coordinator: Partner 1 (P1)
Name: Dehant Veronique
Institution: Royal Observatory of Belgium
Institution’s abbreviation: ROB
Reference System and Planetary Science
Partner 2 (P2)
Name: Vandaele Ann Carine
Institution: Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Institution’s abbreviation: BISA
Planetary Aeronomy
Partner 3 (P3)
Name: Claeys Philippe
Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Institution’s abbreviation: VUB
Earth System Science (ESS)
Partner 4 (P4)
Name: Vanhaecke Frank
Institution: Universiteit Gent
Institution’s abbreviation: UGent
Department of Analytical Chemistry (WE08)
Partner 5 (P5)
Name: Javaux Emmanuelle
Institution: Université de Liège
Institution’s abbreviation: ULg
Palaeobiogeology, Palaeobotany & Palaeopalynology (PPP)
Partner 6 (P6)
Name: Debaille Vinciane
Institution: Université Libre de Bruxelles
Institution’s abbreviation: ULB
Laboratory G-Time (Geochemistry: Tracing with Isotopes, Minerals and Elements)
International Partner 1 (INT 1)
Name: Spohn Tilman
Institution: Deutsche Zentrum für Luft-
und Raumfahrt Berlin
Institution’s abbreviation: DLR
Country: Germany
Institute: Institute for Planetary Research; Helmholtz Alliance: Planetary Evolution and Life (PEL)