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Planet TOPERS Meetings
1. Preparation of Job description 29 May 2012 morning 9:30.
Location: Royal Observatory of Belgium
1. Take the list (XLS file on the FTP) and agree on a number of persons to hire, length of the contracts, and when.
2. Establish juries, procedure, schedule.
3. Write the description of work to be posted on the web.
4. Designation of the Responsible for the WPs and final agenda of Kick-off meeting.
2. Kick-off meeting on 1st October 2012 whole day.
Location: Royal Observatory of Belgium
09h30-10h00: welcome coffee 10h00-12h40: description of the labs (Dehant-Vandaele-Claeys-Debaille-Lobo-Javaux-Noack)
12h40-13h15: sandwiches
13h15-13h45: description of WP1 (Internal Geophysics and Interaction with Atmosphere) Van Hoolst-Karatekin?
13h45-14h30: short presentation of the new persons (Elodie Gloesener, Lebi Pham, Lena Noack, Cedric Gillmann)
14h30-15h20: description of WP2 (Atmosphere and interaction with surface, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and space) Wilquet
15h20-15h30: short presentation of the new person (Séverine Robert)
15h30-15h50: coffee
15h50-16h40: description of WP3 (Identification of life tracers, and interactions with planetary evolution) Javaux
16h40-17h40: description of WP4 (Accretion and evolution of planetary systems) Debaille-Claeys
17h40-18h00: description of WP5 (Integration of information into “Global System dynamics”) Dehant
18h00-18h30: Administrative things and discussions (Outreach, training, meetings, partner, etc) Dehant
3. Astrobiology contact group annual meeting on 8st March 2013 whole day.

Starting Time




welcome coffee


Mareike Godolt

 (Invited talk)

PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO)


Michaël Gillon (ULg)

CHEOPS (CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite)


Ludmila Carone (KULeuven)

Global Circulation Model (GCM) applied to extrasolar planets.


Laetitia Delrez (ULg)

Searching for water in the atmosphere of the hot Saturn WASP-49b


Cyrielle Opitom (ULg)

TRAPPIST: TRAnsiting Planets and Planetesimal Small Telescope


Lena Noack (ROB)

Self-consistent formation of continents on early Earth




Seann Mckibbin (UGhent)

Isotopic dating of hydrothermal mineralisation in

carbonaceous chondrite asteroids using Mn-Cr decay


Genevièvre Hublet (ULB)

Internal 26Al-26Mg isochrons in eucrites and diogenites:

chronology of the magmatic activity in 4-Vesta.


Kevin Lepot  (U Lille)

(Invited talk)

Isotopic and nanoscale textural evidences for the

biogenicity of the oldest cellular structures (3.4 billion years old)


Luc Cornet (ULg)

Towards a calibrated molecular dating of the

cyanobacterial origin of the chloroplast .


Nadia Van Roosbroek (ULB)

Formation of the IIe non magmatic iron meteorite,

and origin of its silicate inclusions.


Vinciane Debaille (ULB)

How to preserve a chemically heterogeneous martian

mantle? A plate tectonics point of view.




Ana Catalina Plesa (DLR)

Thermo-chemical convection in planetary mantles:

advection methods and magma ocean overturn simulations


Lê Binh San Pham (ROB)

Effects of meteorites and asteroids bombardments on the atmospheric evolution on Mars


Katarina Miljkovic (IPGP)

Morphology and population of binary asteroid impact craters.


Elodie Gloesener (ROB)

Discovery of Martian methane and link with clathrates

in the crust of Mars


Séverine Robert (BISA)

Studying methane in the Mars atmosphere using

NOMAD instrument onboard TGO 2016.




PlanetTOPERS Executive Committee Meeting

4. Planet TOPERS Executive Committee meeting on 8st March 2013 end of the day.
  1. Information from BELSPO
  2. Information from Coordinator
    • We have received the format of the next activity report due in December 2013
    • Blog was a success
    • ftp website with WG MoM, Executive MoM, outreach
    • Actions
  3. Construction of the team – file xls
  4. List of the material that have been or must be purchased
  5. Scientific activity
  6. Future participation at international meetings- see list + poster
  7. Our own meetings:

  8. Next meeting at DLR Berlin
  9. Future outreachExcursion

  10. File agenda here enclosed.
5. Planet TOPERS First Year meeting on 21st-23d March 2013.
    Agenda Networkday:
  1. Introduction: Helmholtz Alliance ‚Planetary evolution and life’ (Spohn)
  2. Center for Space and Habitability (Altwegg/Heng)
  3. Pathways to Habitability (PatH) (Güdel)
  4. EANA (Horneck)
  5. Nordic Network (Geppert)
  6. Helmholtz Alliance ‚ROBEX’ (Wilde)
  7. Planet Topers (Dehant)
  8. Self-consistent formation of continents (Noack)
  9. Surface conditions evolution on Venus and mantle/atmosphere coupling (Gillmann)
  10. Extinct nuclide Mn-Cr dating of meteorites by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and the evolution of planetesimals (McKibbin)

  11. File agenda here enclosed.

    The website of the meeting here.
6. Planet TOPERS 2013 Executive meeting on 29 November 2013
    Agenda 1stYear Executive Meeting:
  1. Information from BELSPO (BELSPO representative)
  2. Information from Coordinator (V. Dehant)
  3. Small reports from the WP leaders
  4. Future scientific activity
  5. Written report for BELSPO
  6. Update list of the material and people
  7. Any problem encountered?
  8. Future participation at international meetings (V. Dehant)
  9. Next meeting at ULg (E. Javaux)
  10. Future outreach
  11. Communication with Advisory Board (V. Dehant)
  12. Future master (V. Dehant)
  13. Collège Belgique (V. Dehant & E. Javaux)
  14. Excursion (P. Claeys)
  15. AOB
File agenda here enclosed
7. Planet TOPERS 2014 Scientific and Executive meetings on 3 and 4 November 2014.
    Agenda 2dYear Scientific Meeting

    Agenda 2dYear Executive Meeting:
  1. Information from BELSPO (BELSPO representative) (petition)
  2. Information from Coordinator (V. Dehant)
  3. Small reports from the WP leaders
  4. Future scientific activities
  5. Update list of the material and people, and reporting
  6. Steering Committee advises?
  7. Any problem encountered?
  8. Future participation at international meetings (V. Dehant)
  9. Next meeting?
  10. AOB
8. Planet TOPERS 2015 Scientific and Executive meeting on 22d (am) January 2016.

Agenda 3dYear Executive Meeting:

Information from Coordinator (V. Dehant)

Small reports from the WP leaders Tim, Ann Carine, Ozgur, Johan, Valérie, Emmanuelle, Vinciane, Frank, Philippe or their representative

  • 9:00 coffee

  • 9:30 Véronique Dehant on Content of the day; State of the art of habitability question – debate; outreach; Future scientific activities and Galileo workshop; EuroPlaNet; Center of Excellence; COST ORIGINS RI; next yearly meeting; annual report
  • 9:50 BELSPO representative on Information from BELSPO
  • 10:00 Tim Van Hoolst (with Lena Noack) on WP 1.1: Interior modelling and consequences on thermal state and convection & WP 1.2: Interior modelling and consequences on magnetic field
  • 10:20 Ann Carine Vandaele (with Ozgur Karatekin and Valerie Wilquet) on WP 1.3: Internal and external volatile content [in particular Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2), methane (CH4) and water (H20)] and planetary evolution & WP 2.3: Relation between atmosphere and cryosphere
  • 10:40 Ozgur Karatekin (with Ann Carine Vandaele) on WP 1.4: Clathrates and methane in the atmosphere of Mars
  • 11:00 Johan De Keyser on WP 2.1: Net budget of atmosphere related to interaction with space: Solar illumination, solar wind, magnetosphere and atmosphere interactions in order to determine the net loss of atmospheric material & WP 2.2: Net budget of atmosphere related to impacts from space: Sources of abiotic atmospheric gases: volcanism and impacts
  • 11:20 Emmanuelle Javaux on WP 3: Identification of life tracers, and interactions with planetary evolution
  • 11:40 Vinciane Debaille on WP 4.3: Chronology of differentiation processes (core segregation, magma ocean, mantle overturn and early to recent volcanism) in the Solar System & WP 4.4: Onset of plate tectonics and recycling of the crust, and possible implication for life sustainability
  • 12:00 Stepan Chernonozhkin (with Frank Vanhaecke) on WP 4.1: Isotope cosmochemistry
  • 12:20 Philippe Claeys on WP 4.2: Role/effects of meteorites and comets impacts
  • 12:40 Tilman Spohn on Summary of the Helmholtz Alliance “Planetary evolution and Life” (most important achievements) and to what should we evolve?
  • 13:00 AOB

  • 13:05 lunch

9. Planet TOPERS/Astrobiology FNRS Contact Group 2015 meeting on 22d (pm) January 2016.
  • 13:05: Lunch
  • 13:55: welcome

  • 14h00 Invited talks:

  • 14:00-14:40: 40 min: Nicolas Mangold (Univ. Nantes) on "Water on Mars"
  • 14:40-14:50: 10 min: Table ronde involving all participants and including point of view of Emmanuelle Javaux, Veronique Dehant and Planet TOPERS members – discussion on latest results on habitability
  • 14:50-15:30: Doris Breuer (DLR Berlin) on "Geodynamics of planets and habitability"
  • 15:30-16:10: Johan De Keyzer (Belgian SPace Aeronomy) on "Latest results from Rosetta"

  • 16:10 Coffee

  • 16h25-18h30: Contributed talks

  • 16h25: Tilman Spohn (DLR Berlin) on "Planetary Evolution and Life: Astrobiology from a Planetary Science Perspective"
  • 16h45: Bernard Charlier et al. (Univ. Liege) on “Magmatism on Mercury: composition, abundance of sulfur and oxygen fugacity”
  • 17h00: Frank Daerden and Lori Neary (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy) on "A solar escalator on Mars: Self‐lifting of dust layers by radiative heating"
  • 17h15: J. Beghin et al. (Univ. Liège) on “Palaeoecological model of the Mesoproterozoic Taoudeni basin.”
  • 17h30: Camille François et al. (Univ. Liège) on “Proterozoic time constraints on the deposit of the Mbuji‐Mayi Supergroup, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)”
  • 17h45: Loïc Trompet et al. (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy) on “The NOMAD Instrument on‐board the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter: current status”
  • 18h00: Séverine Robert (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy) on “Expected performances of the NOMAD instrument onboard ExoMars TGO”
  • 18h15: free spot
10. Planet TOPERS/Astrobiology FNRS Contact Group meeting on 3d February 2017
    9:30-10:00 registration, welcome coffee

    Invited talk (30 + 10 min questions)

  • 10:00-10:40 Denis Defrère, A. Léger, J.L. Grenfell, M. Godolt, A Garcia Munoz, H. Rauer, and F. Tian

    “Proxima Cen b: theoretical spectral signatures for different atmospheric scenarios”

  • Contributed talks (15 + 5min questions)

  • 10:40-11:00 Artem Burdanov and Michael Gillon AGO, UR STAR, University of Liège, Belgium

    “SPECULOOS: exploring the nearest ultracool dwarfs for terrestrial exoplanets”

  • 11:00-11:20 Kyriaki I. Antoniadou and Anne-Sophie Libert

    “To what extent do habitable planets co-exist with giants on eccentric orbits?”

  • 11:20-11:40 Denis Defrère, ALain Léger, and Olivier Absil

    “How to characterize habitable planets in the alpha Centauri system?”

  • 11:40-12:00 Lena Noack; Attilio Rivoldini and Tim Van Hoolst

    "Volcanism and outgassing of stagnant-lid planets: Implications for the habitable zone"

  • 12:00-12:20 R.M.G. Armytage, V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, C.B. Agee

    “The meteorite NWA 7034 and constraints on the early differentiation history of Mars”

  • 12 :20-12:40 M. van Ginneken, J. Gattacceca, P. Rochette, C. Sonzogni, A. Alexandre, V. Vidal, M.J. Genge

    “The parent body controls on cosmic spherule texture: Evidence from the oxygen isotopic compositions of large micrometeorites”

  • 12:40-13:40 lunch (sandwiches)

    Invited talk (40 + 10 min)

  • 13:40-14:30 Hervé Martin

    « Why Archaean TTG cannot be generated by MORB melting in subduction zones: Implications for the evolution of life”

  • Contributed talks (15 + 5min questions)

  • 14:30-14:50 Luc André, Kathrin Abraham, Stephen F. Foley, and Axel Hofmann

    “Silicon isotopes as markers for the onset of surface products recycling in the Archean”

  • 14:50-15:10 A.N.Wainwright, V. Debaille, J. Berger

    “Constraints from the West African Craton on Archean mantle dynamics”

  • 15:10-15:30 Lucas Demaret, Cedric Malherbe, Emmanuelle Javaux, Gauthier Eppe1

    “Analytical approach for the detectability of organics in mineral powders by Raman spectroscopy in preparation for future Mars exploration missions”

  • Yohan Cornet, J. Beghin , B K. Baludikay , C. François , J.-Y. Storme, P. Compère, E.J. Javaux

    “Microanalyzes of remarkable microfossils of the Late Mesoproterozoic–Early Neoproterozoic”

  • 15:50-16 :10 coffee break
  • 16:10-16:30 Camille François, B. K. Baludikay, D. Baudet, JL Birck, JY Storme, JL Paquette, M. Fialin, V. Debaille & E. J.Javaux

    How to date a sedimentary serie: Different approaches to better constrain the diversification of early eukaryotes in Central Africa (Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, Proterozoic, DRCongo)

  • 16:30-16:50 Marie Catherine Sforna, M. Daye, P. Philippot, A. Somogyi, M. A. van Zuilen, K. Medjoubi, E. Gérard, F. Jamme, C. Dupraz, O. Braissant, C. Glunk, P. T. Visscher

    Patterns of metal distribution in hypersaline microbialites: Implications for the fossil record

  • 16:50-17:10 Séverine Robert & AC Vandaele

    "Scientific preparation for nomad nadir measurements".

  • 17:10-17:30 Maria Valdes & Vinciane Debaille

    "Investigating the Moon’s early differentiation using calcium Isotopes"

  • 17:30-17:50 Camille Cartier, Olivier Namur, Bernard Charlier

    “Inner planets, reduced planets? The case of Mercury”

  • 17:50-18:10 Cedric Gillmann, Gregor Golabek, Paul Tackley, Sean Raymond

    Changes in surface conditions and mantle convection due to impacts on Venus and Mars.

  • 18:10-18:20 Christian Muller

    A brief history of astrobiology in Belgium.

  • 18:20 EANA Belgian representative selection
  • 18:30: end of meeting
You can download the full meeting program here.
11. Planet TOPERS/COST ORIGINS/EGU Galileo Workshop "Geoscience for understanding habitability in the solar system and beyond" on 25–29 September 2017, at Furnas, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.
More information on the workshop here.
Hankbook for the participants here.
Abstract book here.
Extended report here.
Short report here.
Very short report for sponsors here.